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 “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”

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“Hi, my name is Lily Wright.  On June 8th I will be 9 years old.  I am in third grade.  I love reading (The Harry Potter series are some of my favorite books), Dr. Who, Seattle Sounders, geocaching, camping and hiking, science and nature, cooking with my mom, sewing, arts & crafts, you know usual kids stuff.

I know I could ask for a lot of things for my upcoming birthday, but you know what?  I realized a few years ago, I may not have a house that belongs to my family with my own room, or money to go on trips.  Yet, I have, everything I need!  I have my family and friends.  I get to go to school and learn new things.  I get to go do things like hiking and camping.  I have so many chances and I am so lucky.
So, for my birthday this year, I am not asking for books or crafts.  I am asking for your help to raise money for one of my favorite non-profits, Comics4Kids.
Comics4kids promotes literacy and helps foster an early love for reading in children.  One of my favorite things to do is lose myself in the other worlds known as books.  All kinds from comics, to novels, to pictures books.  I want all kids to have the same learning opportunities and love of reading as I do”.

UPDATE (6-9-2016) Lily: “Wow! Thanks so much for all your giving everyone. If we all help each other learn, and we care about each other more, this world will be so much better.”


The Comics4Kids INC Literacy Champion is Lily Wright from the Pacific Northwest! For four years, Lily has been a philanthropist by way of accepting and passing on cash donations for her favorite charities including Steve Zakuani’s Kingdom Hope (2013/2015) and Comics4Kids INC (2014/2016)!!


Judith Cummings

“I’d like to donate some money to Comics4Kids. Happy Birthday, Lily!”


Melina Murray

“You are a light and a treasure to many. We are HAPPY to support your cause. Keep up the amazing spirit. You are changing the world.”


Melissa Briscoe

“You are the coolest kid I know! Keep up the awesome work! Love ya a ton, Meise”


Marisa Bottolfson

“Thank you for what you are doing, Lily, this is some important stuff. You are setting a wonderful example for all of us of what kind of care and focus we need to have within our communities. Keep up the good work!”


Natalie Hodgkin

“Lily, you are inspiring. Keep up the awesome work!”


Cindy Jenkins

“You are one awesome person Lily, keep up the great effort!”


Melanie Trichler

“Happy Birthday, Lily! Glad to help you reach your second goal! Enjoy your big day!”


“Lily had an amazing time at WonderCon with Comics4Kids INC! Lily helped spread the word and passed out hundreds of comics with Heidi, Dale, Jason & of course her sister and I. She got at few donations too!” – - Sarah Wright

In 2014 Lily raised and donated over $1,100 to Comics4Kids INC !!  Lily was also recognized by United States President Barack Obama for her selfless efforts!


Comics4Kids INC Literacy Champion Lily at her first comic con! with her Comics4Kids INC badge! @ jet city comic show 2015

Lily at her first comic con! @ jet city comic show Tacoma , Washington 2015

THANK YOU SO MUCH LILY!!  You are an AWESOME person and we all appreciate you so much!! You are an inspiration to your generation and you give us HOPE for a better world!


Iris Dale and lily getting ready to go give out some comics!  @ jet city comic show 2015

Lily, Sis, and Comics4Kids INC President Dale Moore getting ready to go through and hand comics to kids who missed the table! @ jet city comic show 2015

In 2016 Lily  raised money for Comics4Kids INC once again $1,368.52!! Click her photos to be taken to her Page now!!







Letter Recognizing Lily Wright's efforts helping Comics4Kids INC from her # 1 Fan!


New Teen Titans 1984

New Teen Titans 1984

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