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Comics4Kids INC has achieved the Platinum  level for 2023. Less than 1/2 of 1 percent of the nation’s 1.8 million IRS-recognized nonprofit organizations have achieved the GuideStar Platinum level!


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  We are accepting mailed donations of comics/toys as per usual!  See our DONATION page!








 Levar Burton does not at this time sponsor Comics4Kids INC (yet) We just want you to know what has been said by the great man himself!

“Read the books they don’t want you to. That’s where the good stuff is…Read banned books!” (Levar Burton 2022)




Creativity is as important now in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.” – Sir Ken Robinson


 Washington Post Article

Comic-Con International’s Humanitarian Award is presented in the name of famed animator Bob Clampett, who created the TV series Beany and Cecil, designed such popular characters as Porky Pig and Tweety Bird, and directed 84 classic Warner Brothers cartoons! Clampett was a regular guest a Comic-Con in the 1970s and early 1980s. After his death in 1984, the humanitarian award was created to honor those people in comics and the popular arts who have worked to help others!






Click photo to view footage of Mr. Joseph meeting Chadwick Boseman on ELLEN!

Click photo to view footage of Mr. Joseph meeting THE KING Chadwick Boseman on ELLEN!  WAKANDA FOREVER!





CLICK LINK TO WATCH: Great interview by Billy Miller featuring Comics4Kids INC Sgt at Arms Mason Knox and El Capitan Damien Moore!

Comics4Kids INC SPEAKS! Courtesy of videographer BILLY MILLER!


CLICK LINK TO READ: Great resource from ABDO publishing, speaking on comics & Literacy!

Great Reasons to use comic books as literacy vehicles!



Comics4Kids INC is a Pacific Northwest based comic book reading Library and national 501 (c) (3) literacy charity! Parents/Guardians bring their children to read old comics from our  first edition, single-issue collection that dates back to 1882! This allows kids to interact with the books on a level exclusive to the Comics4Kids INC experience! Smell and feel the paper, see the old advertisements and letter columns, and share the moments with family! No other institution in the World allows the level of participation found at Comics4Kids INC!

Additionally, our all-volunteer staff travels the United States to give away comics to kids FOR FREE to improve literacy and encourage imagination! We have a 13 member full time volunteer staff , and 10 person support staff on a part time basis. We also send comics out to Families, Schools and Libraries as reading incentive program rewards!

The idea for Comics4kids INC. was created by longtime comic book dealer, lifetime Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Advisor,  former Grading Department Quality Control Expert at CGC, and Diamond Dialogue “Star Collector” (January 2004) Dale Moore.  Moore was inspired to found the company after a time in which he was a hospital patient. His stay at the hospital due to family crisis was made bearable by reading Fantastic Four comic books given to him by his older brother Doug to pass the time, take his mind off problems, and recuperate his health. He personally experienced how embracing the premiere illustrated literary medium of comic books improved his life! He has since dedicated himself to sharing that experience with others and future generations!

Another idea to give away comics to youth began one Hallowe’en when Moore started giving away comics instead of candy.  Comics4Kids became incorporated in 1996 and remains to this day Comics4Kids INC.  Received IRS 501 (c) 3 status in 2012. EIN 20-2882260. Business License 603 201 653 (Washington State)



CLICK LINK TO READ: Why comic books LETTER 2016 02467-42


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“We commend your organization for its incredible work on improving the lives of children everywhere. We thank you and wish you and your organization incredible success in all future endeavors.” – DC Entertainment


       “We’re excited about continuing our partnership with Comics4Kids.– Ashton Greenwood, Diamond Comics Distributors





            We really value the donations and other efforts provided to Comics4Kids INC supporting our Mission of promoting literacy and encouraging imagination! We are a 501 (c)(3) charity!


People who support Comics4Kids INC do so because they have a deep commitment to the human condition of collecting and the need to compellingly communicate the benefits of literacy and imagination!  Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law!


So what does Comics4Kids INC do?  We encourage Stewardship of this wonderful hobby! We also tour the country giving away comics free at conventions and community events! We mail out these comics to families, educators, and crisis intervention groups totally free of charge as well!

Comics4Kids INC has a simple and at the same time expansive mission. What we know is we can foster public support for the goal of empowering children who live in inner city and rural communities with the knowledge, tools, and abilities found in the pages of the premiere illustrated literary medium that is Comic Books!

Strong anti-bullying and all-inclusive messages are found within the pages of Comic Books! We have proven repeatedly that you can change hearts and minds when you present the written word and picture stories in a balanced and thoughtful way!

Our challenge now and the reason we are asking for your donations is that we need to move into a new building!  We have outgrown our space! Since 1996, we have given away more than Two Million Comic Books! In the last year alone, Comics4Kids INC direct programs and outreach efforts likely connected with upwards of 10,000 people!

We want to leverage the community to dramatically expand this outreach to take the message about imagination and creativity and their importance to every household!


Currently between static sites, we at Comics4Kids INC are endeavoring to inhabit a 25,000 + square foot building, to house the following:

Main Reading Room,  a separate Special Collections Reading Room, an expanded Exhibition Gallery/Convention Hall, Film/Media Screening Auditorium, Seminar Room/Classrooms, Visiting Guest Studios, Salon/Foyer, Collections Archives, Printing Press,  Long Term Collector/Institutional Archival Housing (Vault), and a convenient Student Lounge!

We want imagination and wonder in this decade to be like the Science Fiction boom in the 20’s and 30’s. We want an enterprise where our community finally recognizes and understands the potential and importance of this work.

This is a huge vision and I think some of the most important work of our time. Your support will enable this vision and help usher public support for our Comics4Kids INC

Comic Book Reading Library in the Northwest!


Are you interested in finding out more about our work, and how to donate a building, supplies, collectibles, or maybe even helping as a volunteer? Feel free to contact us at Comics4Kids INC = E-mail Comics4Kids@aim.com or call (206) 327 7436


Wanting to make a cash/card donation? You may do so via PayPal username Comics4Kids@aim.com, as well as through eBay Giving Works, Amazon Smile, Benevity, HumbleBundle, Patreon, or in person at any Alaska USA credit Union branch! We enjoy Legacy Gift and Annuity programs!


Thank You for your Commitment to the Future of Imagination!

We Can’t Do It Alone!


First Vice President  & Chief Executive Officer


Comics Bulletin INTERVIEW with Comics4kids INC President Dale Moore



Comics4Kids INC President Dale Moore and First Vice-President & Chief Executive Officer Heidi Spidey!  #SDCC2018



# 1 Mom Gloria and Bob Schreck

# 1 Mom Gloria and Bob Schreck




Who receives comics from Comics4Kids INC. ?

Children in Hospitals, Schools, art programs, social programs, as well as those children in remote access and inner- city locations have received comics; comic conventions, private homes. Sometimes we can give to those who simply write in and ask us!! Many Parents, Grandparents, and Teachers have asked for and received comics from Comics4kids INC.! There are never any charges for comics or postage!

Furthermore, Boys & Girls Clubs (and other youth groups), Adult hospice, and English as a second language programs have enjoyed donations.

What is the largest amount of comics that Comics4Kids INC.  has received at one time?

 FUNKO sent us a truck with 115,284  Marvel and DC Entertainment comics!!

Investment Collectibles (Steve Lauterbach) donated over 15,000 comics!

C4C3.org / COMICS DUNGEON (G. Scott Tomlindonated over 40,000 comics!

Darren Hughes personally  donated a separate 10,230 comic books!!

 COSMIC COMICS in Bellingham WA donated 7,500 comics!

ZANADU COMICS (Perry Plush)  donated over 1,000 full size comic & celebrity  POSTERS!






What is the smallest Amount of comics Comics4Kids INC. has received at one time?
• A thumbnail sketch from a popular artist and a single comic! Every little bit helps!



Does Comics4Kids INC.  have a library?

                                                                                                                                    We have GREAT plans! We are looking for a Building

(Historic Register or old Fire Department a plus!)


What does Comics4Kids INC. do with any super valuable, non-code, or adults’ only material?

When a comic exists in our Library already, or is not Code approved, or does not meet with our additional discretion, they are traded to dealers or sold to the public for deposit into our General Action Fund. Some donations are made with specific instruction to sell, which is performed at our satellite office SHOP COMICS4KIDS INC  at Sanford & Son Antiques, 743 Broadway, Tacoma, Washington. We rely on these items, as well as cash donations to help defray costs of transportation, storage, postage, acquiring, and maintaining new collections of comics for the kids!


Do you buy Comics?

•  We refer serious sellers as well as collectors and investors  to JASON BESSONETTE of Wizard’s Keep Games/Comics NW who buys and consigns professionally!



Does Comics4Kids sell Comics?



What happens to the money donated to Comics4Kids INC ?

  At Comics4Kids INC. we do not draw salaries and all our work is volunteer. Our big numbers for salaries on the proposed budget is actually 5% from the General Fund to Employees, and that only applies when we become funded by a Caring  Corporate Giant .
As of this time, and including the last 30 years, we get your money and add it to the general fund & buy comics to maintain the reading library and travel to give out comics to the kids!
We enjoy steeply discounted space at our satellite store, SHOP COMICS4KIDS INC, as well as tables at many comic conventions across the USA to promote reading, so we have very little overhead in that direction; remember all staff is volunteer!


Who sends Comics to Comics4Kids INC ?


• Estate concerns

  • Collectors thinning out their collections

• Collectors who want to assist in the amassing of library entries.

• Dealers who want to trim overstock

• Investors who have made large capital gains

• Speculators who waited too long to unload product and have nowhere to turn

• Publishers

• Celebrity collectors

• Everyone who would like to forward the literacy movement!



a new Batman fan!


How many comics have you given away?

•  With your help, since 1993 we have distributed well over five million comic books  !

Why does Comics4kids INC.  give away comics?

In addition to improving literacy and encouraging imagination, Comics4Kids INC gives comics to children everywhere so they may embrace the comic book medium as the premiere imaginative illustrated narrative and original western culture influence!

We foster a love for words and forward the Stewardship of the Comic Book Collecting Hobby!  Many Sensory Sensitive children and English as a Second Language (ESL) students have also benefited from our program!

Is the Comics4Kids INC. mailing list available to the public?

No. All sponsors will have their information and their privacy respected.

How long has Comics4Kids INC.  been in business?

  • 30Years! Though we have been creating and encouraging readers as Clarence Road Productions since 1993, we changed our name to Comics4Kids  in 1996 to reflect our specific mission. We received our 501 (c) (3) status from the I.R.S. in 2012. EIN 20-2882260    PLUS CODE  =  7H45+HR Tacoma, Washington




What happens at to a comic book at Comics4Kids INC. ?

•We vet, read & review them

  •  We screen them for Comics Code authority seal, and screen them further for Comics4kids INC. parameters, assuring no adult material is printed or added therein, nor expletives have been inserted as a course of secondary ownership

• We stamp the comics with our Comics4kids INC. stamp

  • We add issues to the reading library with doubles going to the giveaway effort or sold for the General Action Fund

•  Comics are delivered to kids everywhere!

Do you have a mission statement?

• Our goal is to distribute Comic Books to children to improve literacy, encourage imagination, and promote participation in the comic book medium!

Do you have an email?

• Comics4kids@aim.com


An example of our table at shows, comics are FREE for kids!


Do you have a website?

  • www.comics4kids.ORG

Are donations Tax Deductible?

• Yes we are an IRS 501 (c) 3 recognized charity. All donations are deductible to the fullest extent of the law!

EIN 20-2882260  UBI 603 201 653


What is the Comics4Kids INC  mailing address?


• Comics4Kids  INC   ~ 10214 Ainsworth Avenue South, Tacoma, WA 98444MAIL/DROP OFF ONLY THIS IS NOT A VISIT SITE LOCATION 




What is the phone number to Comics4Kids INC?

• (206) 327 7436 Dale Moore – Office of The President

Who pays for postage to send comics to Comics4kids?

• Each individual sponsor pays for their own USPS  shipping at this time.


What Countries does Comics4Kids service?

• At this time, Comics4Kids services The United States. We also have sponsors in Canada, Baja California, Colombia, and The United Kingdom  who do not require tax incentives to contribute to our USA specific efforts.


What if I want to start a similar company or donate comics to my library?

You may be eligible to host a Comics4Kids INC satellite office! If you would like to open up a chapter in your city, please contact us at comics4kids@aim.com with “(your city) CHAPTER CANDIDATE” in subject line.


I have heard of other companies calling themselves “Comicsforkids”, “Comics4_Kids”, “Books4Kids”, etc. – are you related in any way?

      We are not the only civic minded persons out there!  We are located in Washington State.  We do not sell comic book subscriptions. We do not host web comics. Our volunteers are security background screened as well as bonded and insured. The books coming from us are screened and free of all hidden agenda!

We believe that everyone should have a chance to read comics so we encourage all those persons/companies with resources and ethical/transparent practices to emulate our efforts! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

We are Happy to partner with Comic Books For Kids – in the Chicago area, President Mark Weiss, Vice President Michelle Weiss and their team are doing GREAT THINGS with children’s hospitals! www.comicbooksforkids.org  They are 501(c)(3) verified as well!



These folks do in-costume visits!!








Kids Swimming in Comics! Our work in action!

Kids Swimming in a  Sea of  Comics! Our work in action!






Thank You Nancy Spears at DC Entertainment for our AWESOME Full page Comics4Kids INC advertisement in DC SuperHero Girls FCBD comic!! 200,000 copies !!

Thank You Nancy Spears at DC Entertainment for our AWESOME Full page Comics4Kids INC advertisement in DC SuperHero Girls FCBD comic!! 200,000 copies !!

Also Thank You to Paul Kiely and Tanya at Weber Shandwick for the Design!!

Our ad inside!


Thank You to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for our AWESOME Full page Comics4Kids INC advertisement in Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide # 46!


AD pg 276

Detail of the B&W ad inside OPG # 46 Designed by Paul Kiely and Tanya Stockland of Weber Shandwick!









Research Comics4Kids INC EIN 20 2882260 on Pro Publica !


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