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“And what is the use of a book,” thought Alice, “without pictures or conversations?”
― Lewis Carroll

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Please note that while we do not buy comics, we do accept donations of collectible comics for our Comics4Kids INC reading library permanent holdings; however any seller interested in maximizing the value of their assets will be referred to our most trusted and reliable buyer Jason Bessonette at Golden Age Comics Northwest!!

Additionally, please visit Heritage Comics Auctions (Dallas), as they are both the collector’s friend and the  investor’s dream!

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Comics4Kids INC appraises and authenticates comic book collections in the United States and Canada. Persons in the Pacific Northwest area enjoy our services, while further travel incurs proprietary contract and rider with World Class rates and Benefits. Armed transport available. We are Happy to answer any questions you might have regarding all things comics!

You may make an appointment to bring your comics to us for appraisals;

Prescreen appraisals are $5 per book for pre screens (topical grade with no restoration check)  Not insurance or official appraisal, 20 minimum. House calls available!

Insurance and Official appraisal with restoration check and provenance research rates are $500.00 per hour.

We are in the Middle Floor Merchants area of the astounding Sanford & Son Antiques! 743 Broadway, Suite # 214, Tacoma WA 98402.  If you can’t make it down or have too many comics, we can arrange to come to you no problem! Send us an email at or text your name and grading needs (206) 327 7436 to discuss!

Among our Board of Directors are Dale Moore, Heidi Spidey, Jerry Sims, and Damien Moore –  all of whom are most trusted Advisors to The Overstreet’s Comic Book Price Guide series, and are all experienced graders, with well over 100 years of combined comic book market experience!

Damien and Jerry were literally born into comics under the stellar tutelage of Comic Book Super-Freak Dale.  Essential to our operations!

Additionally, Dale is the former Grading Department Quality Control Expert at Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) , also formerly known as Comics Guaranty LLC (CGC). Experienced in consulting and grading the comics of: White Rose Pedigree (Grandey), Lost Valley Pedigree (Stoltz), Magik Woo, Gary Carter, Mike Kromwall, Al Feldstein, Howard Greber, Bobby Harmon, Russ Cochran, Steve Geppi, Stan Lee, and Nicholas Cage, among many others! Dale is also a vaunted Diamond Dialogue “Star Collector” 

Comics4Kids INC  has assisted in placing more than $200,000,000.00  worth of collectible comics into the hands of collectors, with verified sales since 1984.

Since 1996 -with your help- we have given away well over 2,000,000 comics to the kids for free!!

We use grading standards and definitions we personally helped re-define (May 1999) for Bob Overstreet in his “Overstreet’s Comic Book Grading Guide” and “Overstreet’s Comic Book Price Guide”

We are bonded and insured, with a spotless, professional reputation. We even make house calls so that you don’t have to travel or move your precious gems!



“Thanks for the info. I read it wrong in the price guide.   I changed it.”

— Danny



“Thank you kindly for the heads-up on the listing error. I corrected the listing and appreciate the assistance. Thanks again!”

— Jeffrey Barilli / Anthony’s Comic Book Art







Grading Services



13 considerations for appraisal

Here are some forms for you to print and use! Click on the title to access free grading sheet and checklist(s)! 

Grading Sheet

Checklist for collectors logo at bottom
Checklist for collectors LOGO At top

Checklist-for-collectors-LOGO-At-top ANNUALS or short run version




Contributing Author and Advisor to The Official Overstreet's Comic Book Grading Guide 2nd Edition

Contributing Authors and Advisors to The Official Overstreet’s Comic Book Grading Guide 2nd Edition

President Dale Moore, Steve, Audrey, John, and Mark. Taken when Moore hired at CGC a long time ago in a land far away...

From Left: Comics4Kids INC President Dale Moore in Sarasota Florida getting hired at CGC in 2002 with CGC’s Steve Borock, Audrey, John Slater, and Mark Haspel.


The Official Overstreet's Comic Book Price Guide Advisor since 1993

The Official Overstreet’s Comic Book Price Guide signed by my friend Bob Overstreet




CBCS grading parameters



Thank You Nancy Spears at DC Entertainment for our AWESOME Full page Comics4Kids INC advertisement in DC SuperHero Girls FCBD comic!! 200,000 copies !!

Thank You Nancy Spears at DC Entertainment for our AWESOME Full page Comics4Kids INC advertisement in DC SuperHero Girls FCBD comic!! 200,000 copies

Also Thank You to Paul Kiely and Tanya Stockland at Weber Shandwick for the Design!!

Also Thank You to Paul Kiely and Tanya Stockland at Weber Shandwick for the Design!!


















Our full page B&W ad is on page 276 of Overstreet’s Comic Book Price Guide # 46 ! Thank You to The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Comics Dungeon!!


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