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 Items earmarked for raising money to buy kid friendly comics for the kids and to stock our comic book reading library!

Connecting Comics with Children!

A blast from the past! Comics4Kids INC in the NEWS 2005

Comics4Kids INC is selling comics and other items, contributing to the General Fund for purchase of new collections of kid friendly comics that add to our reading library, and to give away for free!  By purchasing these comics, you will multiply the kid friendly comics we are able to give the children! For a wider selection of Golden Age and Silver Age comics, and posters -used to raise money for Comics4Kids INC, You may visit our satellite location at SHOP COMICS4KIDS INC  – at Sandford & Sons Antiques / MIDDLE FLOOR MERCHANTS 743 Broadway # 220 Tacoma Washington , Friday-Sunday 12:00 PM-5:00 PM.  This website is the only other authorized Comics4Kids INC sales venue. We may advertise on craigslist but will only direct you to the store for purchases/pick up item in person. Please research any other off-site offers by contacting to assure validity! Our eBay page, “Comics4Kidsinc” is for us to buy comics and archival supplies only! We do not sell on eBay!    Currently we partner with Benevity, Patreon, eBay Giving Works, PayPal, Amazon.Smile, and Humble Bundle to help us raise funds!  Our friend Perry Plush of  ZANADU COMICS ( generously donated his entire 42- year store inventory of comic posters and these are currently on sale at the satellite store with a few choice tasties being advertised/rotated in these hallowed pages! Additionally we had some more of the Pulps  so we are able to offer them you!


Loyal Customers, Our family of friends, descend upon the comics!!

Detective Comics # 680 $200 (*SOLD)

Volume 1 – 1st printing. “Bob Montana!” Archie’s Joke Book was a wonderful showcase for the great Bob Montana to share his incredible comedic talents with readers. Each issue contained literally dozens of half-page and one-page stories, each featuring one or more of your favorite Riverdale characters: Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Reggie, Moose and many more. This is a veritable cornucopia of delectable Archie goodness, featuring over 300 stories! Hardcover (Horizontal Format), 8 1/2-in. x 5 1/2-in., 208 pages, full color. Price $30 includes shipping USA only                                             Courtesy of and IDW Publishing! 


All posters for sale! Courtesy of Perry Plush /

more posters for sale! Courtesy of Perry Plush /

still MORE posters for sale! Courtesy of Perry Plush /

Batman Dark Knight $50

Batman Dark Knight Joker $50

Batman Dark Knight Robin $50

Marvel Team Up # 100 $25 (*Sold)

New Avengers # 11 $50

Batman Dark Knight Superman $50

Evil Ernie vs. Superheroes # 1 signed Brian Pulido $25 each (*Sold out!)

Hero comics 2011 versions Adam Hughes and J. Scott Campbell $20 each (*Sold)

Silver Surfer large figure (ToyBiz) $50 (*SOLD)

Silver Surfer Large figure (Target) $50 (*SOLD)

Amazing Spider Man 11 (UK) $300 (*Sold)

Thanos figure $100 (*Sold)

Amazing Spider-Man 316 $100


Amazing Spider Man 333 $50 (*Sold)


Marvel Mania 1976 Howard the Duck by Bernie Wrightson $50 (* Sold)


Batman ’66 The Lost Episode 1 $10

Marvel Premiere 29 $100








*SET ONLY* Strange Tales 178 179 180 181 and Warlock 9-15 $300






Star Duck by Steve Adams $1,000.00



Stumptown LTD Emerald City Comic Convention print $25



G.I. Joe # 2 Adam Hughes Baroness Variant fold out cover $100


Steve Adams art $125



Steve Adams art $250







Conan’s all *SOLD*



Amazing Stories pulps 1933-1939 $35 each also Fantastic Mysteries !



Clive Barker and Comics4Kids INC President Dale Moore



Link print $20 (*Sold*)


Terminator Print $10

Signed Gail Simone $25



J Scott Campbell art $50



Young Avengers 1 Wizard World Los Angeles variant $100





Penguin action Figure unpunched $20



Marvel Preview and Marvel Super Special Magazines featuring STARLORD  (*Sold*)


Walking Dead prints $25 each

Lazarus # 1 $15 (*Sold*)


Batman action Figure unpunched $50 (*s0ld)




Lex Luthor action Figure unpunched $20 (*sold)








Wonder Woman # 85 $1,000 (*Sold*)



Rocket Raccoon # 1 Fine $25 (*Sold*)


Batman Vengeance of Bane NM $100



Infinity Gauntlet 1-6  $100



Secrets Behind the Comics 1947 Stan Lee  $1,000 (*Sold)


Superboy Annual 1 Very Good $25 (*sold)


Adventures into the Unknown # 50 miscut printing error  (Not for Sale)



Fugitoid # 1 $50 (*SOLD) Story takes place between TMNT issues # 4 & # 5 !

Out of This World # 1 Fine $100 Joe Kubert insert 16 pages art –  First Print year 1950 (*sold)

Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man 69 $50.00 (*Sold*)



Amazing Adventures # 5 Very Good $100 (*SOLD*)

Amazing Adventures 1 Good $100 (*SOLD*)

Machine Man # 1 NM $100 (*sold)


Marvel and DC Comics Presents # 1 Uncanny X-Men and the New Teen Titans NM $50 (*SOLD*)

sad sack laugh special 54 NM includes 5 pages of Original Art from interior story (not shown as files were too large this posting) $2,500


We have a HUGE  Selection of Nihongojin Manga $10 each volume (*sold out)


Batman Annual 2   Good $50 (*Sold)

Another copy Batman Annual 2 Good Front Cover detached, Back Cover loose $50 (*S0ld)


Vampyres II portfolio signed by Sienkiewicz $100 note not all images shown due to adult style graphics (*Sold*)



Comics4Kids INC First Vice President & CEO Spidey with Dave Gibbons! (#SDCC2018)


Watchmen 1-12 set $300 (*sold)

another copy Superboy Annual 1 in Very Good $25 (*sold)


Eerie # 17 $1,000 (*sold)

How to Draw Manga $50

Comics For Kids # 1 1945 Timely   (*Sold*)



Comics4Kids INC First Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Spidey!!


Venomverse $20

Universe X Alex Ross $20

Uncanny X-Men $20

Slapstick $50

Nick Fury $20

Amazing Stories October 1938 $100.00

Amazing Stories October 1938 $35

Mickey Mouse Chocolate Factory $20

Suiciders by Lee Bermejo $20

Kill Shakespeare (*Sold*) The Spirit, Superman Confidential $10 EACH

Inhumans $20

Incredible Hulk by Dale Keown $20

Haunted Mansion $20

Amazing Stories February 1937 and June 1934 $100.00 Each

Amazing Stories February 1937 and June 1934 $35 each

GOTG Captain Marvel by Adams $20

Fight Club medium size like 11×17 $25

Drax and Thanos $20

Champions $20

Captain Marvel Manara $20

Bisley! $20

Avengers Rage of Ultron *SOLD*

Amazing Stories October 1936 December 936 June 1937 December 1937 $100.00 Each

Amazing Stories October 1936 December 936 June 1937 December 1937 $35 each


Tsum Tsum $50

Sam Wilson Captain America $20

S.H.I.E.L.D. $20

Pigs *SOLD*

Peaches and Cream Olivia $20

Nurse Bettie by Olivia $20 (*sold)

Jaws 2 $100

Jaws $100  *SOLD*

Groot Art Adams $20

Foolkiller $20

Flinch $20

Fearless Defenders $20

Fantastic Four Art Adams $20

Fantastic Four  JRJR  $20

Civil War II $20

Civil War II $20

Cage! $20

Avengers $20

Skottie Young Amazing Spider-Man Renew your vows $20

Alex Ross “X” $20

Bugs Bunny 50th Anniversary $20

Stranger Things II $10 (*Sold*)

Evolve or Die  $20 *SOLD*

Shanna by Manara $20

Invincible Mary Jane $20

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes DOOR $50

Jupiter’s Circle $10

Lady Death Judgement War $20 (*Sold*)

S.H.I.E.L.D $20

Green Lantern Door Ross $20

Daredevil  by Samnee $20

Batman Door Poster $20







Showcase 16 VG $150

Showcase 15 VG $200

Captain America 117 VF $500


Marvel Superheroes 18 VG+ $200

Doctor Strange 169 VF $500

Tales To Astonish 36 (*SOLD)



Justice League of America 1 (*SOLD)




Green Lantern 1 (*SOLD)

Prince Valiant limited Print$35


Comics4Kids INC First Vice President/Chief Executive Officer Spidey and Volunteer Erin say “SHOP COMICS4KIDS INC!”


 Your Purchase can help us get more comics to the kids!


Thank You Nancy Spears at DC Entertainment for our AWESOME Full page Comics4Kids INC advertisement in DC SuperHero Girls FCBD comic!! 200,000 copies !!

Thank You Nancy Spears at DC Entertainment for our AWESOME Full page Comics4Kids INC advertisement in DC SuperHero Girls FCBD comic!! 200,000 copies !!

Also Thank You to Paul Kiely and Tanya at Weber Shandwick for the Design!!

Also Thank You to Paul Kiely and Tanya at Weber Shandwick for the Design!!



Our full page B&W ad is on page 276 of the Overstreet’s Comic Book Price Guide # 46 ! Thank You to The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Comics Dungeon!!


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