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“Every person needs to take one day away. A day in which one consciously separates the past from the future. Jobs, family, employers, and friends can exist one day without any one of us, and if our egos permit us to confess, they could exist eternally in our absence. Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for. Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us.”

~Maya Angelou




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“Thank you for what your are doing. My Sister and I grew up on comic books- Archie’s, Superheroes, Mad Magazine & Cracked Magazine.
We loved to read and share them!
I believe it helped us become better readers in life.
Sadly, my Sister passed away.  Sunday September 12th she would have been 46.
I would like to donate these comics and Mad Magazines in her name; Sally C. ”
                                                                                                                                                           – ROBERT V.



“Oh my goodness, I think you may have changed these kids’ lives. I have the lowest reading group in the school. Usually they spend silent reading time throwing pencils and getting each other in trouble. Getting them to read ANYTHING is an incredible struggle. Today? You can hear a pin drop! The only sound is pages turning. I’m trying to type as quietly as possible right now because I don’t want to disturb their focus!

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this. They just left class, after 40 minutes of honest-to-god SSR, and one of them thanked me on the way out. He said “Ms. Campion! You made me love reading!” Obviously, I didn’t do that, you did.
We are so grateful. “.  – Hannah Campion, Literacy Dept. Chair, South Bronx NY

“How else would I learn the word ‘EGADS!’ in 1st Grade?!?”


Thank You Rachel from TEXAS with your AWESOME Donation of ARCHIE COMICS!





“What a great organization you guys have! What your company does supports our mission statement 100% and I would Love to have you back again” – Rod Mojica, Comic-Con International


“The Comics4Kids group, created by comic book dealer Dale Moore, provides children in the Seattle/Tacoma area with access to a 250,000-issue comics collection that spans nearly 140 years. The organization also has a staff of volunteers that travels the nation to promote literacy and creativity through comics”.

–Michael Cavna, The Washington Post



“I received the (MAD) magazines yesterday and wanted to thank you so much for all of them!

My brother is now at home (as of yesterday) and I will be going to see him on the 21st. I just think he’s going to love reminiscing over them”.

— Shelley Wistar/ Shelley Wistar Consulting




“Thank you for your commitment to providing the children with a great way to interest them in their reading.”

         — Rebecca A. Powell, Director, Board Governance & Ethics and Assistant to the President  Association of Fundraising Professionals


“We really value our partnership with Comics4Kids”
          – – Beverly Choltco-Devlin Manager, Main Library Tacoma Public Library

” Wonderful people. I cannot say thank you enough for the work you guys do. My son just got a stack of his fave comics from you, and he is head down buried in comic bliss. You even delivered them! It is tough to get him reading books and this is encouraging him to read more. Thank you!” — David LePore


“We appreciate what you do!”

– –  John “Hammertime” Holshoe,  Pop  Culture Philosophers. 


 “I fully support the type of work you are doing to assist kids!”
– – Dan Miles  Backingtothefuture.com 


“Brian from Sparkle City Comics  passed along the information about your wonderful organization. So Happy he did! My Dyslexic son, now 23, only started reading because of a comic book purchased at a used book store! Many years of hard work since that first comic. He graduated from University on the Dean’s List, and is now going to PA school. Bonus: he actually reads for the fun of it! Comics are absolutely a great way to promote literacy and learning! What a positive and fun way to change a life! So Happy to donate! Best wishes for every success!”

–Monica Malone, Commerce Township Michigan



“I am thrilled to learn that your organization exists.  I wholeheartedly agree that entertainment media (including comic books, graphic novels, and video games) are an underused resource in promoting literacy in children and adolescents…this a fantastic idea and I hope to capitalize on the concept for my students. Thank you so much for doing Comics 4 Kids!”     –Annie Jarnagan,  Mercer Middle School


“I got a chance to talk to a great non profit group called Comics4Kids (INC) that receives or purchases comics and gives them to children to help improve literacy through comic books. They accept donations of old comics – even ones without covers as they will make new covers from art kids have drawn. This group is really cool have been doing great work for the comics community and the larger community for over 10 years. I’m really excited about what they do and happy I got a chance to talk to them this morning. I think if you have old comics, you should consider sending them in. Teaching kids to read and love comics? Sign me up!”
— Rich Johnston, BLEEDING COOL


“I’ve browsed your website, the content is beautiful.”

– Perry Si  司雁鹏   ReedPoP


“Thank You Comics4Kids for the donation!”

 Lina Lewis, Senior Program Coordinator | Child Life Department
Seattle Children’s Hospital


“A fun day of sketching, reading, and winning comic books for the children of the South Bronx!”

–Deborah Edwards,  NYC Parks Department 


“Donating on behalf of Shannon Ives, who wants to raise her son believing that heroes exist and he can achieve anything” –Carmen Lawrence 


“Thank you for the amazing work that you do in the Seattle and surrounding communities”

Dorothy Nothnagle, Head of External Affairs, NW Google


“I can’t say it enough….I love, love, love what you guys do! Thank you all for being so awesome and volunteering your free time to the kids”.

– – Erin Baker,  former Highline Schools Special Needs PTA President


“I admire the work you are doing and I am proud to be a part of your mission!”

Robert Luedke, artist extraordinaire and President of Head Press


letter from Joann ! January 2016

letter from Joann ! January 2016




“Awesome! My 11 year old nephew came up from Portland with my brother for the show. When I ran into them, the first thing he blurted out was “As soon as we got here someone gave me free comics. FREE COMICS!”‘

Dan of NW Pinball & Arcade Show


” Seattle’s own Comics4Kids!  ”

–  Siemny Kim of Kiro 7 News 

+ Maria Guerrero of King 5 News! !!


(Regarding GI JOE # 1 June 1982) “My Thanks to all involved in it’s creation for being the rock during the difficult times in my childhood and adolescence”
Ryan Adam –
Lifelong collector


“This is Jack’s mom. I wanted to let you know how wonderful it was for Jack (and his brother Aidan) to receive that glorious box of free comics. I took pictures of Jack receiving the box — hopefully they convey how excited he was! The boys spent the next 4 days reading comics — and checking out the glow in the dark cover in our dark hallway. Thanks for sending a box of pure wonder and delight to my boys!”

— Erica

Captain Jack!

Captain Jack!

Jack and Aidan

Jack and Aidan

Mikey @ Rose City Comic Con

Mikey @ Rose City Comic Con

Wright Park Ethnic Fest Tacoma Washington

Wright Park Ethnic Fest Tacoma Washington



Comics4Kids INC CEO Heidi Spidey with fan Dave Gibbons nabbing their Awards @ Eisner Awards 2018 !!

“I got involved because I loved comics ever since I could read; in fact, they may have been the reason that I WANTED to read!”

—  Dave Gibbons


” I Love what YOU do!!”



“We are so glad you’re company is flourishing! !! We can’t WAIT to see you again! !! We met u at Portland Comic-Con last year! ! We r so grateful for Ur donation to our daughter’s education. She has not stopped reading!!! Her mental disabilities have kept her from reading for many years. Thank You for giving her inspiration!”

— Chris, Kim, Cassie & Ceinna


Newspaper article and a stack of letters from children in Auburndale Florida who received comics from us!

Newspaper article @ event and a stack of letters from recipients of Comics4Kids INC  shipment in Auburndale Florida

“I used to work at Kinko’s, back in 2001. I remember a gentleman bringing in comics, making color copies of the covers, scanning covers – nearly every week. It was Comics4Kids. I also remember having a conversation with that gentleman about New Mutants – they were my favorite comics of all times, I wished I could read them again, etc. The following week he brought in a box full of them and gave them to me. Shocking.

This got me into a comic store in search of the missing titles. While there, I ran into other comics I used to read – She Hulk, ElfQuest, Cloak and Dagger, and I started buying these Then I found out that New Mutants had a new series coming out and I loved those, and I started looking at other titles – NYX, X-23, Runaways, CrossGen, etc.

I’ve now converted to digital – if only because I live in an excruciatingly small apartment in Korea. I’m still addicted to comics – love my Buffy and Angels! and it’s completely because I was able to get my hands on those old New Mutants.

Thank you so much.”

— Julia J.


“I was so excited to receive the gigantic box of comics from Comics4Kids! I’ve been giving them away like mad to our local Boy Scout troop, and to high school students and to elementary school students..alot of the kids are really excited to receive them! I’m especially pleased to see kids who ordinarily wouldn’t consider themselves “readers” get very enthusiastic about having this kind of reading material. Your organization is fantastic!
— Andrew Wales

“…We got home from Thanksgiving weekend to find a VERY large box of comics that arrived in the mail. A LARGE box of comics to pass along to my nephew while he is in the hospital for 3 weeks. I was more than a bit surprised at how many comics were sent to us, and my wife was in awe that someone would do this! We are in your debt, and your donation will not be forgotten. Your gift will go a long way to help this kid through a ruff time, and perhaps even make a comic fan out of him”.
— Ze-Man (CGC Internet Forum Member)


Amazing Spider-Man # 1

Amazing Spider-Man # 1



“I am a third grade teacher in the Forest Grove School District. I am a long time comic lover and I have helped create quite a few comic lovers over the last few years. I love to fill my classroom with comic stories and art. The kids have really latched on to them. I ran in to you at the Rose City Comic Con last week! Thanks for the free comics”.
— Shawn P.


“As a librarian, I can tell you that what you do is important and makes a tremendous different in people’s lives. The area my library serves is fairly rural, and I see so many kids for whom reading just isn’t important. They were never encouraged by their parents to read, and they never found the joy of reading for pleasure, and the attitude that “reading just isn’t that important” gets passed from generation to generation. We are located right next door to a community Teen Center, but the majority of the kids who frequent the Teen Center never enter the library. The older they get, the more difficult it becomes to motivate them towards reading.It’s a terrible cycle, and the work that you do goes a long way towards breaking that cycle! Thank you!”

Pete Tano – Winston Branch Librarian





Special THANK YOU to AMY at DARK HORSE COMICS for our AWESOME AD!!                                  Stranger Things Six # 1   June 2019  HOLY CATS!

Thank You Nancy Spears at DC Entertainment for our AWESOME Full page Comics4Kids INC advertisement in DC SuperHero Girls FCBD comic!! 200,000 copies !!

Thank You Nancy Spears at DC Entertainment for our AWESOME Full page Comics4Kids INC advertisement in DC SuperHero Girls FCBD comic!! 200,000 copies !!



Also Thank You to Paul Kiely and Tanya at Weber Shandwick for the Design!!

Also Thank You to Paul Kiely and Tanya at Weber Shandwick for the Design!!






Our full page B&W ad is on page 276 of the latest OPG # 46 ! Thank You to The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Comics Dungeon!!





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